International Student Program

Our International Student Program is designed to meet the needs of students with above average achievements and creative talents. The Division offers superior learning opportunities through required subjects and electives. A remarkably high percentage of its students go on to enter and to excel in universities worldwide.

We accept students with varying levels of English. There is an EAL class offered at the High School level for those who are at a lower level of English.

International students are integrated into classes with Canadian students for the majority of their studies. The EAL component of our program provides the support to facilitate successful transition to school in general and to our Canadian education system.

We guarantee EAL certified teachers. The EAL classes are an integral component of our program and are included in the price of tuition.

We have had several students study with us over the years and it has been a worthwhile endeavor not only for the visiting student but their class, teacher and entire student body.

Study Term Options

The Lord Selkirk School Division - International Student Program offers various study term options to meet our international students' needs. They can choose to enrol with us for one complete school year (two semesters) or for a single semester, beginning in either September or February. (At the high school level, our school year is divided into two parts, each part called a semester.)

We also have short term programs that can be created to accommodate the needs of your students. Please contact the Director at Lord Selkirk Regional for more information about the programs and fee schedule.

Students will have a greater opportunity to use their developed English skills and notice rapid improvement over the course of the year. The longer-term program options will provide them the opportunity to become comfortable with the Canadian lifestyle and integrate more fully into our culture and educational system.